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Which Gemstone is Good for You?

Every crystal has therapeutic and metaphysical properties that can provide benefits to each one of us. However, to get a positive effect one this is essentially required. Your zodiac sign! It’s depending on your sun sign only that certain crystals play miracle to magnify your wellbeing. Want to know more about the power of gemstones beyond esthetic and jewel. Read on

Aries Carrying clear quartz and amber makes you more confident and balances personal harmony. Carnelian helps inflammatory Aries to avoid dangerous situations, while Amethyst soothes and calms the impatient Aries nature. Diamond can help Aries to be more thoughtful and considerate.

Taurus Your miracle gemstone is Rose Quartz that promotes love and calms your short tempered nature to bring overall stability. Kunzite aids Taurus in removing obstacles that would otherwise overly engage their patient persistence. It also connects you to your inner conscience.

Gemini Multi-tasking Gemini has a natural adroitness that is reflected in its Agate birthstone. Agate’s ability to stimulate precise, analytic attention to detail can help Gemini to overcome a tendency to pass lightly over truth. Restless Gemini can be prone to nervous tension, and Green Tourmaline provides an antidote to mental stress.

Cancer Moonstone’s soothing qualities is best to calm emotional over reaction of cancers. Health wise Moonstone affects the ebb and flow of the menstrual cycle and regulates it. You can also try Pink Tourmaline as it aids acceptance of the past and enhances your faith.

Leo This proud sign wants to be noticed and it is difficult to ignore a dramatic Leo, especially when bedecked with the gold jewelry and yellow crystals. The Cat’s (or Tiger’s) Eye birthstone can help Leo find positive expression for an abundant fund of energy. Citrine is another power stone that is particularly brilliant and energizing and therefore aids Leo in harnessing creative energy. Similarly, Ruby resonates with the generosity and enthusiasm of Leo.

Virgo They seek perfection and Amber aids its connection of the self with universal perfection. Chrysocolla attunes Virgo to universal harmony, leading to a perfect state of health. Health and the lack of it — is a peculiarly Virgoan obsession and this sign seeks to understand the psychosomatic nature of disease and therefore beliefs in the purity of crystals to delight.

Libra This sign is concerned with beauty of all kinds, and a Sapphire birthstone promotes peace and harmony of mind. White Sapphire is a stone that supports Libran qualities of morality, justice, and freedom. Libra also has a strong affinity with Aquamarine, which softens the judgmental side of the sign, allowing energies to flow in a structured, balanced way, aligning chakras and both the physical and etheric bodies.

Scorpio Yellow Topaz calms your over obsessive and possessive nature. Carnelian helps being more creative and over shadows jealousy. Opal helps them be little emotional and protect them from negative thoughts. Scorpio is one of the signs where transformation occurs quite frequently, and Malachite helps to promote that transformation. With strong links to the occult, Scorpio benefits from the protective energies of crystals such as Apache Tears and Garnet that helps to direct the spontaneous rise of sexually charged Kundalini energy. Topaz helps Scorpio to overcome resentment and learn forgiveness.

Saggitarius Their eternal quest for meaning is supported by the golden rays of Topaz. Topaz aids vision, broadens perspective, and lights up the path ahead. Lapis Lazuli, the ‘Stone of Total Awareness,’ also favors a Sagittarius to expand under Jupiter’s tutelage while avoiding excess. Azurite stone promotes the relaxation required for meditation.

Capricorn The serious nature is supported by Onyx stone, which strengthens and aids self-confidence. It affords a glimpse of spiritual possibilities open to an evolved Capricorn soul. For Capricorn joints, which can become stiff and rigid, so wear Azurite to bring flexibility.

Aquarius It is as though Aquarians not only see into the future, but also want to make a reality about now. Amethyst aids in this goal, assisting in assimilation of new ideas. Since the sign is ruled by Uranus, planet of change, and Saturn, planet of consolidation, Aquarius can be pulled in two directions at one time.

Pisces Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are imaginative and mystical, but lacks boundaries, which often make them ‘psychic sponge’ that soaks up feelings and emotions from others. Amethyst aids Pisces to cleanse these energies and create workable boundaries. Other crystals they can consider to wear include Fluorite and Moonstone that imparts discernment and heightens awareness.

With details given above, you can make the right pick. Select your crystal today following your zodiac predictions and needs.


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