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10 Ways to Squeeze in Exercise

If you feel you are always pressed for time, too busy to prepare a healthy meal, and exercise has taken a back seat, do not fuss. We will tell you 10 ways to squeeze in short bursts of exercise in your busy routine, to have a renewed energy for yourself.

You will only get busier and busier. Accept it. So instead of cribbing about your work, family and chaotic traffic, carve out some time and spend it wisely, for a better you.

Try these suggestions:

A few minutes here and there can do you a world of good. The rule of thumb is choosing an activity that you really enjoy and that fits your schedule and lifestyle. If you like what you do during your workout, you’ll view it as a requisite rather than an option.

  1. Play with your kid, get off the couch and walk while reading the newspaper, walk to the grocery store or press walla, do some gardening ….. Any activity that expends energy also burns up calories. So, just get moving. Every bit of household chore is an opportunity to get fit.
  2. Park your car at the extreme end of the parking lot. You won’t realize where those extra cal disappear.
  3. If you have time for watching BBC and CNN then you have time for workout also. Turn on your favourite channel and get going on the treadmill. A great way to be abreast of the latest and be in shape as well.
  4. If busy cooking in the kitchen, do not rely on the maid to take out the dishes from the lower shelf. Do it yourself. Doing a few sets of upright push-ups holding the kitchen slab is excellent for toning your arms and shoulders. Hey…Don’t forget to turn on your favorite tune.
  5. Let fitness be at your command. Invest in a sleek exercise equipment so that whenever possible you can grab hold of it and start exercising.
  6. A research showed that people who split their exercise throughout the day into 10-minute blocks are likely to exercise regularly, and shed more kilos compared to those who’d work out straight for an hour. Is your job too demanding? Bring your sneakers to work and sneak out of your office to take a stroll during your mini breaks. You can even ask your colleague to join you to make it more fun.
  7. And yes, take stairs not elevator, for the cafeteria.
  8. If you have a driver get down from the car two blocks away from home and walk your way to home.
  9. Adopt a dog, and if you find it a big commitment, offer to walk your friend’s dog when they need it. This is called killing two birds with one stone. You get the exercise and company of the dog at your convenience and your friend is indebted to you for this kind act.
  10. How about forming a fitness club and ditching the remote to get some exercise?

Give exercise the priority it deserves and you no longer have to fish for compliments.