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Slimming solutions for “too busy-to-get-to the gym” group

We all wish we had a magic wand that would just take away those extra kilos and grant us an enviable shape. What if it turns true and without having to starve and sweat yourself you get an awesome body!

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Finding time for fitness is no doubt a challenge but making fitness a priority is a must and a great way to rejuvenate your body and mind. And when you feel fit and healthy, you are inevitably much more productive. GUARDIAN PHARMACY has come up with a few slimming solutions that will work wonders on any overbooked schedule.

Here are some hottest, effective and realistic slimming products that have recently hit the racks- Shake up with – X-TRA SLIM

All you have to do is replace 1 meal and 1 snack with Guardian Xtra slim. And yes, without compromising on the taste and vital nutrients. This delicious vanilla flavored shake is loaded with high quality whey protein, 30 essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, and very low in calories. It is especially formulated for people who watch their waistline and wish to lose extra kilos. It is a ready food product, doesn’t contain any herb or drug and keeps you full till the next meal.

Get slimmer with –GNC Thermo Burst

These power packed diet pills provide thermo genesis to burn fat to maximum extent. They increase body’s basal metabolic rate and maximize the use of stored fat to provide calories necessary for the body. Containing natural herbs like Guarana, Thermo Burst helps zoom your energy level. It curbs your appetite, satiates you and blocks new fat production.

Hush your hunger pangs with -GNC Chitosan PLUS

GNC Chitosan Plus combines the benefits of chitosan marine fiber with chromium, zinc, CitriMax®, L-carnitine and isolated soy protein. Chitosan, derived from chitin, is a fiber found in shellfish. It is not digestible and therefore, does not contain calories. 1000 mg of chitosan can bind up to 5 g of dietary fats (fat from food). It helps food pass through the intestines faster and lowers the absorption of fat. L-carnitine facilitates the metabolism of long chain fatty acids.

Cellulite solution with Yves Rocher Lipophenol Vegetal

Whether you wish to twirl in mini or show off your arms and back in halter, cellulite—dimpled skin like orange peel comes as a challenge. With Yves Rocher cellulite intervention products from Lipophenol, you can get a well defined silhouette in just 14 days.

Massage away the excess fat with – OTO Spinex

Hats off to the new technology. For, now you can lose weight while getting a comforting massage. A must have gadget, OTO SPINEX SPX-500 penetrates the deepest muscle tension as well as helps to break down fats accumulated in problem areas. Portable, light weight and ergonomically-designed with a soft rubber grip, it makes use of its powerful oscillating massage head to effectively soothe the aching muscles in your upper and lower back.. The deep penetration effect of Spinex detaches the body fats from our fatty tissues while improving blood circulation. It’s particularly useful for hard-to-reach areas like the inner thigh and under arm. Regular use of the Spinex will help you to achieve a fitter physique whilst enjoying a relaxing therapeutic massage.

If you had been looking for a healthier, natural and an easy to follow weight reduction program, your search is over.

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