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Stay Well With Surya Namaskar!

You desire to be fit but can’t take those long runs on treadmill or do gym regularly, and even don’t want to join the sliming centres that promise to do a miracle in just few weeks. Give a try of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)! It is one of the most popular and useful yoga practices among all ages. And, it is also highly recommended by the yoga practitioners for healing various health hassles like obesity, lack of energy & stamina, and stress & burnout.

Comprising 12 simple postures, Surya Namaskar is termed as a complete exercise for relaxing your mind, body and soul. Read below the step wise demonstration of all the twelve postures of Surya Namskar. And also know the benefits as well as points that strictly needs to be remembered before you start with Surya Namaskar.

Postures of Surya Namaskar -

1. Aum mitraya namah (mantra): Stand with your feet together and hands joined in front of the chest in the traditional namaskar position.

2. Aum ravaye namah (mantra): Inhale and stretch your hands up straight, above your head. Stretch your neck and look upwards. Bend slightly backwards to make an arch of the upper body.

3. Aum suryaya namah (mantra): Exhale and bend from the waist to touch your fingers to the floor. After regular practice, you will be able to touch your forehead to the knees and rest the palms flat on the ground.

4. Aum bhanave namah (mantra): Now resting both hands firmly on the ground, inhale and take the right leg behind and stretch it out on the floor, lunge down. Bend the left knee and keep the foot in line with your hands. Stretch your neck up and gaze skywards. [In the next round, start with stretching your left leg behind first].

5. Aum khagaya namah (mantra): While exhaling, straighten the left leg out such that both feet are together and your back is straight, not curved. Make sure that your gaze is on the floor and your elbows are not bent.

6. Aum pushne namah (mantra): Slowly bring your knees to rest on the floor, then your chest, followed by the forehead. Do not rest the hips on the floor. This might be difficult initially but with practice, you will master the art.

7. Aum hiranyagarbhaya namah (mantra): In a smooth movement, raise your head and upper body, resting your palms on the ground. Your gaze should be straight ahead. Be cautious not to hold your breath while in this pose.

8. Aum marichaye namah (mantra): From here, get into an inverted V-position keeping your knees and elbows straight; rest the soles and palms flat in the ground and allow the head to hang down freely.

9. Aum adityaya namah (mantra): Fold the right leg from the knee and bring it close to the chest, resting it near the hands. When doing this, the left leg should be stretched out behind you.

10. Aum savitre namah (mantra): Bring the left leg in front, rest it next to the right foot and rest your hands on the ground.

11. Aum arkaya namah (mantra): Inhale deeply and get back to the standing position. Stand on your feet together, and stretch out your hands above the head, keeping the elbows straight. Then bend your spine backwards.

12. Aum bhaskaraya namah (mantra): Join the palms of both hands together in front of the chest in the namaskar position. Spend a few moments absorbing the energy of the sun and prepare your mind for the next round. Relax and stretch your hands out by your side. This completes one round of Surya Namaskar.

Once you complete your 12th posture, you would experience how these exercises the whole body parts in single stretches one by one.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar

It keeps all internal organs, stomach, intestines, pancreas, spleen, heart and lungs, healthy and strong. Also, the muscles of external body parts such as chest, shoulders, hands, thighs, legs become healthy and strong.

It makes spine and waist flexible by removing disorders. It improves blood circulation in the body which removes skin diseases.

It keeps the digestive system perfect. Mental and physical energy levels are balanced. It provides power to our soul and body, maintains mental peace, memory, power, strength.

Reduces ageing of the body, hair fall and graying, keeps diseases away.

It is also very useful for women to maintain beauty, keeping the body in shape by reducing extra fat and flat abdomen. Also, helps to cure menstrual irregularity and easy child birth.

Precautions to take:-

In Sun Salutation, forward bending asanas are strictly prohibited for those who suffer from ‘waist pain’. Though back-bending asanas can be practiced if felt comfortable.

In the beginning Surya Namaskar must be practiced under the guidance of a experienced yoga teacher.

Make this regime of performing Surya Namaskar daily and experience the benefits. It is very effective means to limber up. At the end of the 12th posture you will feel refreshed and relaxed.