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Follow 4 Fast Winter Workouts

Be it any season, you should never miss on your fitness routine. This winter Nisha Varma Delhi Based Reebok Certified Fitness Trainer shares with you 4 fast winter workout moves to help you build total body strength with an emphasis on improving balance, stability and flexibility in winters. Read on…

1. Chair Squat Stand in front of a chair with feet about shoulder-width apart. Sit down and, as soon as you make contact with the chair, stand back up and try to do so without rocking back or using momentum. You can place your hands on your thighs if you need to. Hold weights for added intensity. Repeat for 12 repetitions.

2. Step Ups You can do this exercise on a staircase with rails or on a step. If you are on a staircase, stand at the bottom step and step up with your right foot. Bring your left foot up onto the stair next to your right and then step back down on the floor (hold onto a rail if you need to). Perform all reps by stepping up and down with the right foot. Then switch sides and start with your left foot. You can hold weights for added intensity. Repeat 1 set of 12 reps on each leg.

3. Side Leg Lifts Stand sideways to a chair or wall for support and tie a resistance band around your ankles. Lift the left leg out to the side, foot flexed and hips, knees and feet in alignment. Try to lift the leg without tilting at the torso–hold the torso upright as you lift the leg a few inches off the ground. Lower back down and repeat for 12 reps on each leg. You can also use ankle weights if you don’t have a band.

4. Wall Push Up Stand a few feet away from a wall or stair rail and place hands on wall at shoulder level, a few inches wider than shoulders. Pull the abs in and, keeping back straight, bend elbows and lower body towards the wall until elbows are at 90 degree angles. Push back to start and repeat. The further away from the wall you are, the harder the exercise. Make sure you don’t sag in the middle–keep the abs tight and the back flat.

Precautions: Anyone with health problems should check with a health professional before starting any fitness program.

Priya Singh