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When Yoga Meets with Dance

Get a deep sense of physical well-being and an ethereal feeling of joy with Dance yoga

It’s divine. It’s therapeutic. Dance gives an expression to our deep emotions and yoga teaches us how to unite our body and mind. Imagine the synergy when emotions (spiritual), body (physical) and mind (mental) come together. Dance + yoga is an approach that not only combines dance and yoga movements but incorporates original movements as well. Performed on a healing symphony it is a complete workout for the body. It has aerobic as well as relaxing elements.

Adaptable to every body and all ages, this creative fusion is a way to explore your hidden sensual energies as well as promote health and well-being. It helps one reach a meta-physcial stage, i.e. beyond physical. It’s a sensual dancing technique that blends the power of sound, music and mudras (postures of the hands). The healing potential of yoga is not limited to realigning the skeleton and muscles. The rebalancing extends into the mind bringing a centered quality to performance.

Yoga, a hot fitness trend across the world, offers countless health benefits. Practicing yoga asans to the tune of music further enhances these benefits. It helps one achieve higher levels of physical as well as mental health. And because of it being multi-dimensional, it can very well be combined with dance movements helping dancers improve flexibility, strength, energy and relaxation.

Flowing asanas

Dance Yoga elevates one to a state of tranquility through flowing dance movements. It improves our aura and strengthens our Prana (Life Force). It also makes our body lithe and triggers a positive change in our personality, confidence and attitude. If there is any hidden illness Dance yoga improves our ability to fight it out. Flowing Dance movements are in Kathak Style. They are very simple and have been modified in a way that every one can do it easily. Dance Yoga is practiced with specially designed balletic musical compositions. Pranayam (breath control), music associated yogic exercises, yoga nidra and meditation with Mantra chanting are brought together to make a comprehensive program.

“According to Vedic Philosophy our Inner Self has an immense reservoir of natural Healing Energy lying dormant at the core of our heart. This Healing Energy can be activated by compassionate vibrations coming from Cosmic Heart. Healing rhythms of divine dance yoga expand our inner vision and channellize it towards our inner self. This Inner alignment of our body and mind makes our heart receptive to these cosmic Vibrations and initiates a release of healing bio-photons from our vital energy centers. This improves our health and prepares us to fight various diseases of modernization like hypertension, angina, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, stress, insomnia, allergies, asthma, arthritis, AIDS and addictions. These new age diseases are directly related to our stressful lifestyle which devastates and depletes our natural healing energy,”says Dr. Neelam Verma, a consultant physician & cardiologist. She has applied this integrated approach to reverse heart disease.