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Build your stamina

All exercise is good for your body. However, the exercises that build your stamina are good for your heart. Stamina building exercise is any exercise where you exert yourself continuously over a period of time. This could be a brisk walk or jog, swimming or cycling at a good pace or an aerobic workout.

High stamina is what we all aspire for when we start up an exercise routine. The golden rule of exercise is to start gently, build up gradually and do it regularly. To be effective, most experts recommend two or three sessions per week of at least 20 minutes each time. Varying your activity helps keep you motivated and makes exercise more fun.

Stamina builders

  1. To build stamina you can run, swim, cycle as they raise your heart rate and breathing for extended periods of time.
  2. The Fartlek method helps in building stamina. To achieve this run for ten minutes, then walk for the same time. This work out does not let you rest when you are tired, instead you slow your pace. This broken approach does not let your body accommodate to a given exercise regime, instead it provides you with a flexible stamina that can withstand a range of paces.
  3. Though easier said than done pushing your limits pays. At the end of your jog on the treadmill, you are washed out; still every minute you stay there, you build on your stamina. However, your jog should not make you feel dizzy or cause chest pain. Stop on experiencing any pain. This does not mean a beginner should push himself beyond limits.
  4. Skipping is a fearsome work out. No wonder athletes and boxers do it for building stamina. Try it with one foot, altering which foot you lead with and doing two jumps per revolution.
  5. Smoking kills stamina. Quitting smoking to improve your body’s stamina is the right decision.
  6. Our body loves variation. If you do not alter your work out routine, your body will develop its own comfort zone. If you run, then for a change, cycle once in a while.

Set yourself goals. This will help you judge the levels of your stamina. Once you reach your goal, revise them. Do some stretching exercises, after you are done with stamina building regime.