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Lose Weight Mile by Mile

It’s easier. All you have to do is take the next step. It’s a win win game. You can walk miles, shed those extra pounds and still be at home.

Research shows that walking and running have the lowest level of exertion while burning the highest number of calories.

You think you do not have enough space in your apartment to accommodate the treadmill? Not to worry. For now available are the space saver treadmills, which you can fold and carry to places when going for extended periods. Major problem solved. Next comes the monotony part. Switch on your fav rap, rock or bhangra, believe me you can follow any rhythm. You can also watch TV while loosing weight.

  1. Walk, brisk walk or run, have your preference. Walking on a treadmill is as effective as any other complex cardiovascular exercise. Go on without any pain or discomfort. Its natural. You don’t have to bend or twist on a treadmill and therefore can reduce the strain to the ankles, knees and lower back.
  2. It’s motorized. A treadmill is powered to keep its belt moving. You don’t power it the way you would a bike, rower or an elliptical trainer.
  3. Set your own pace. You can adjust the desired speed and the level of inclination, say 12 mph and 15 percent incline.
  4. Burns off truckload of calories. It is the most effective piece of equipment to get your body toned up
  5. Increases bone density and helps to prevent osteoporosis, hypertension and back pain.
  6. Reduces stress and increase energy levels. Research carried out at Duke University revealed that even eight minutes on a treadmill can drastically help to reduce symptoms of depression.
  7. Helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Basic and random treadmill workouts

All treadmill machines come with a set of basic programs. These basic sets of programs are mostly manual, which means the user has a complete control of the machine. That is, you can choose to have your own levels of speed and percentage of incline. These are named random treadmill workouts, as it gives its user an edge to have a combination of hills and valleys.

Advanced treadmill programs

This category of treadmills is equipped with the advanced program levels in terms of both, speed and level of inclination. Such treadmills come with an intermittent series of various hills and valleys. As you exercise, there is an increase in the difficulty levels of your workouts, till your performance reaches a peak. The new high-end treadmills also comprise sound systems and built-in viewing screens

Before buying a treadmill, see to it that

  1. it is pre-installed with all the basic programs.
  2. it feels stable when you walk or run on it
  3. it has enough power to stand up to your workouts.
  4. the handrails are n a comfortable spot

Follow these guidelines and your treadmill will never turn out to be an expensive clothes rack.